A Busy Fortnight of Brow & Lip Clients.

I had a very busy but highly rewarding week of meeting several wonderful women ranging in age from 40 to 70 years old.

Without exception they all felt the desire to start looking and feeling better about themselves after a long two years of lockdowns. With Spring here they realised it was time to start preparing for summer holidays and just being able to enjoy a lifestyle free of makeup concerns.

We had great fun talking about the different treatments we wanted or have had and swapping notes. As we all emerge from a dreary winter we want to feel better about our appearance and two things every client mentioned wanting was Permanent Makeup and botox.

Permanent brows have been very popular many years but Lip Blush is only really starting to take off. When we were all locked down or wearing masks lips weren’t really on anyones list of priorities but now we are baring them to the world again, clients are seeing the benefits of beautifully coloured and shaped lips.

They heal amazingly quickly – within a couple of days they will feel a bit rough but there is no pain or discomfort. Every client expressed surprise at how comfortable the whole procedure had been and some even dozed off. They loved the results and three clients then decided to book in for Permanent Brows.

One lovely lady texted to tell me she couldn’t stop looking in her rear vision mirror on the way home and had nearly run off the road!!

I really love my job – without a doubt it is the pleasure I see on my clients faces that gives me the passion to do this.

Book now for YOUR beautiful new lips.


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