Permanent Makeup – It’s Perfect for Older Women.

Permanent Makeup transforms your confidence.

I should know because I have been having it done for years – that’s what led me to training in it, originally in 2008 and then last year I refreshed and learned new skills after giving up nursing.

All I do is Permanent Makeup – I don’t do facials, waxing, nails etc – just Permanent Makeup, so it’s a real passion for me and I love the buzz of creating beautiful, natural brows or lips for clients.

As I am of more “mature” years, I find so are a lot of my clients because I understand their concerns and fears.

One of the main reasons older women are put off having permanent makeup is that they worry they will look “overdone” or “fake” or just ridiculous but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Providing you choose the right artist who listens to and understands what you want and suggests different options, you will be thrilled with the results.

I have had several clients come to me with NO brows at all, so for them, this is a big decision.  Read my testimonials and you will see that they wish they had had it done years ago.

I always start lighter and thinner so that once they are healed, you can then decide at the 6-8 week touchup whether you want to go darker and/or thicker.  I never, ever create something that you haven’t completely agreed with and want before we start.  I then check with you throughout the procedure to make sure you are happy.

There are certain considerations that have to taken into account with older skin.  It is thinner, often quite sun damaged and because things may have gone a bit south over the years the brows (if you still have any) will have moved south as well.  There are also some medical conditions and medications that can affect retention so all of these things need to be taken in account when mapping out your lovely new brows or lips.

There are some lovely pigment colours in my arsenal that are perfect for white, grey and blonde haired clients.  They look so natural people truly can’t believe they are tattooed on.

Our lips get thinner as we age (is there any good news?), lip blushing is the perfect solution in that although we can’t make them very much thicker due to the difference in lip and facial tissue, we can take the line to the edge of the vermillion border and then blend in the lip pigment to create a really lovely lip blush.  It’s still perfectly safe to have lip fillers as well as lip blush.

It’s not like lipstick – it’s more like a tint but it can be as natural or as bright as you want it.  I like mine quite bright and if I want to change the colour to go with an outfit, I just put some lipstick on top and during the day I usually just put some lip gloss on.

Save  loads of time and money trying to pencil in brows or having them tinted and tidied, or spending several minutes every day slapping on some lippy and trying not to get it on your teeth or out of the lipline.

It really transforms your confidence – I can personally vouch for that!

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