What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup (also known as semi-permanent makeup,cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation) is a form of tattooing. It can be applied on the brows, lips and eyes (although I personally don’t do eyeliner). Pigment is implanted under the skin, and whilst technically it stays there forever, visually it does fade over time due to the way the body heals and the molecules in the pigment fade and shrink. So although the pigment is permanently there, the ‘look’ doesn’t stay forever.

How is permanent makeup applied?

Pigment is implanted to a very shallow depth (from 0.5 to 2 mm), beneath the skin in one of two ways:

1) With a digital ‘pen’ specifically designed for permanent makeup. A tiny needle or group of needles move rapidly to implant the ink. Several “passes” are necessarily to gradually implant the pigment until you are happy with the result. This process is commonly referred to as Powder Brow or Nano Brow. More and more technicians are moving away from microblading to Powder brows due to it’s excellent suitability for all skin types and ages and it’s retention of pigment, giving a lovely soft, powdery natural look.

2) With a microblade (a hand-held tool, made up of a series of tiny blades) which is one option for brows although it’s not suitable for mature, sun damaged, oily skin or skin with large pores.

Does it hurt?

Everyones pain threshold is different and subjective, but generally, only a very small number of clients experience mild pain. Most clients report either no pain at all or a mild discomfort (like a scratching sensation). Some actually fall asleep or just enjoy lying down listening to relaxing music for an hour or so. Topical numbing cream is applied at the beginning and throughout the procedure to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Will I have thick dark brows? aka “Slugs” or “Caterpillars” !

95% of my clients like a soft, natural brow that either replaces what they have lost over time or a new shape to enhance their face. Some like them darker whilst others prefer a lighter colour to suit their hair colour. The consultation is the time for us to discuss different options and try some styles and colours and do the patch test. The first procedure will always be lighter and thinner until the 6 week touch up when we will see how it has healed. Then you can decide if your would like thicker and/or darker brows. It’s all up to what you want but I will offer suggestions if I think there is a shape or colour that would work better for you. Remember; you can go darker and thicker but you can’t go lighter and thinner!

Will Lip Blushing mean I am stuck with coloured lips forever?

It is actually very difficult to get a true “lipstick” affect on the lips and takes at least 3-4 sessions normally. Although you may have seen those photos of vividly coloured lips, this is because the photos have been taken immediately after the procedure and look very intense. It heals very quickly and the colour fades by 50-70% meaning the result will look more like a tint or a coloured lip gloss. If you are wanting a more defined contour, then I suggest choosing a colour closer to your natural colour. If you want a more tinted colour then go at least 2 shades darker or brighter than your natural colour. Just add lip gloss and you’re ready to go! It can last up to 3 years before requiring a touch up depending on different factors.

Is permanent makeup safe?

Any procedure carries some potential risks, However, because the highest standards of hygiene are practised, the risks are extremely small. I only use individually packaged, pre-sterilized needle cartridges for every client, adhering to the highest standards of health & safety. Pigments are gamma-ray sterilized and contain no PPD’s significantly reducing any chances of an allergic reaction. A patch test is required at least 12 hours before the initial procedure which is done at the consultation.

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