Is Makeup a Thing of the Past?

I have been listening with interest the last couple of days to the news and on the radio about how makeup sales have decreased by 19% over the past 2 years. Obviously the pandemic and working from home have been two major factors but also the economy and the need to save money. This got me thinking about whether the solution to spending money on cosmetics by having Permanent Makeup wasn’t being considered by many women as the obvious option.

There are a truly vast range of cosmetics out there – personally I find it agonising to visit the Cosmetics Department of a large store. The range and options are just mind boggling and for someone of more “mature” years, it’s even more confusing. All of those fresh skinned young consultant’s with their perfectly applied makeup can seem quite intimidating when you are older. Why don’t they have older consultants for us women of more mature years?

Personally, I love wearing makeup – I feel better, look better and it gives me confidence. That may sound shallow to some but it’s the way I grew up and my job as a Flight Attendant required it and as a nurse it was perfect as I was simply too busy to even consider doing “touch ups”.

However as I have aged I have developed allergies, my skin has changed, (yes – wrinkles and sun damage included), and it just doesn’t retain lippy, eyeliner and brow pencil the way it once did.

Other women have problems actually applying makeup due to shaky hands or poor sight or they simply just don’t know how to apply it, don’t want to look silly or overdone, or they have lost their hair due to alopecia and cancer treatments. Drawing on brows and lips to the most flattering shape is tricky at the best of times. Not so with permanent makeup.

Who wants to waste time every morning trying to draw on all those bits that have faded or gone AWOL? After 40 odd years of doing this EVERY day (bar a few here and there), I got a bit fed up of the whole routine.

As for holidays – who wants or needs to worry about emerging from the pool or sea knowing all that effort to apply a bit of lippy and brow pencil has been washed away? Your beachwear that you carefully chose for your long anticipated break may be gorgeous and vibrant and make you feel great, but your features have disappeared yet again! If that sounds shallow – sorry – but for some of us, it’s a big deal. We aren’t quite ready to be invisible.

I have been having Permanent Makeup on my brows and lips for over 30 years on and off and as I came out of a long marriage and took a good look at myself in the mirror, I decided it was time to get back to looking after myself. So after having my brows and lips tattooed again after a few years break, I couldn’t believe how much better I looked and felt and how much the products and techology had improved.

To get up in the morning, stagger to the bathroom and look in the mirror and see my lovely brows and blushed lips looking back at me, facing the day is just that much easier. For me permanent makeup is a life changer and I intend to continue having it until I no longer can! And who doesn’t want to spend 20 minutes longer in bed?

And after having recently retired from a longish career in nursing and having worked as a Permanent Makeup Artist several years ago, I decided to retrain 1 to 1 with highly respected, multi award winning trainer – Katy Jobbins of the Permanent Makeup Training Academy in Sussex. It cost a bomb but I knew that to be a truly expert artist I needed to find the best to retrain me. If I was going to specialise in Permanent Makeup then I intended to be one of the best.

So here I am in my lovely clinic in Cobham totally loving creating beautiful brows and lips for my clients – ranging in age from their mid thirties to their mid 80’s. Most of my older clients were very reluctant and had thought about having permanent makeup for years but were too anxious that they would end up looking like Phyllis Diller, (if you don’t know who she is then lucky you for being too young!). Once they were shown colours and styles to suit them they couldn’t wait to do it.

When I have finished my work and hand my client the mirror, the pleasure I get from watching her face light up in delight is immeasurable.

As for the cost of having permanent makeup – it’s not difficult to end up spending £100 plus these days on a few good quality cosmetic items, get them home and find they are the wrong shade or don’t suit you or just don’t stay on or you are allergic, and then in to the back of that drawer they go to join the rest of the pile of unsuitable cosmetics you have wasted a fortune on over the years.

The initial outlay for permanent makeup is from £295.00 and it will last at least 12 months and often up to 2 years. The touch up is much cheaper because the hard work has been done at the first treatment, so in the long term it works out costing much less without the hassle of having to keep applying it.

But I digress from the original reason for this blog. Although cosmetics sales may have decreased, I don’t believe the need to want to look as good as you can will ever change – just the need to simplify life and save money has. If makeup just isn’t your “thing” that’s fine but for a great many of us, we just want to look the best we can – no matter what our age (or maybe I should say especially at our age).

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