My Experience of Having Lip Blush tattooing.

As I do Permanent Makeup for a living, I think it’s essential that I have the services I am providing and thought this would be a good opportunity to explain how it felt for me when I had lip blush done 2 months ago with my fabulous mentor and trainer Katy Jobbins. She is a Multi award winning artist with a very busy training centre and has done procedures on over 12,000 clients so I felt in safe hands!

After going through the usual consent and aftercare advice, I lay on the very comfortable bed and had my lips numbed. The lip outline was then applied and I was shown the shape to ensure I was happy with it.

By then I was nice and numb and the machine started to implant the outline with the pigments from the colours I had chosen. I wanted a nice coral colour with a hint of reddish pink in it and I like mine to be quite bright so Katy went for a really intense choice knowing that it would fade up to 70%.

After she had done the outline she commenced with filling in the lip area to create a blended colour, applying numbing cream regularly. After 1-1/2 hours it was all done and apart from a slight stinging sensation and very dry lips, there was absolutely no pain! In fact, I dozed off.

The results were gorgeous! I love them. I used a straw to drink for a day or two and applied the aftercare ointment regularly but after Day 1 apart from my lips feeling rough, the healing was uneventful and 2 months later I can’t believe how much colour is still in my lips given that I haven’t gone back yet for my touch up. Once I have that done soon, they will look really amazing.

When I get up in the morning and see a lovely set of lips looking back at me, I feel so much better! That might sound shallow but I have always been conscious of my thin, pale lips and always feel “washed out” without lippy so this is perfect for me. I either put some lipgloss on or a lipstick if I am going out and want more of a solid colour. I can wear any shade – not just corals.

I have “smokers lines” but this doesn’t affect the end result and as you should NEVER go outside of the natural vermillion line of the lip border it’s not possible to create a thicker lip but the tattooing does give the lips a fuller more definted appearance.

I love doing lips and currently I need 2 Models to refresh my portfolio, so if you are interested drop me an email or give me a call on 0742 3007714 for more information.

It really transforms your confidence! For loads of useful information and my Price List go to my Homepage and download the FREE E Book and Price List.

Right Brow - 6 weeks after procedure. Left brow - after touch up.
R) Brow – 6 weeks post procedure. L) Brow following touch up.


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